We apply the tried and tested techniques of contemporary engineering fields to the development of software. Our approach is a result of extensive research, and caters to the needs of those proficient in the field of software as well as by lay-persons.

Our development team is a combination of skilled individuals, who have been a part of development teams for some of the most renowned portals and software applications. We can provide you with customized software solutions with our accomplished specialists, who have a history of building applications, which range from biometrics to ecommerce websites.

Besides our team of Graphic Designers ensure that your websites or software applications have a state of the art look and feel. Our graphic designers have a long history of creating graphics for an entire range of products, applications and services.

Do you want to distribute, sell or market your products or services over the Internet? Get specialized capabilities incorporated into your website with our ecommerce software solutions. Use our business software solutions expertise to smoothen up your processes and watch the way you conduct business transform.Efficient and cost effective operations, Process compliance zero defects in service deliverables are key parameters every organization strives to achieve. While ready to use products can meet the functionality, they barely achieve these objectives.

IncigolS has the benefit of having designed the systems around the computers ranging from micro to today’s computers offering the immense computing power, has solutions to every customer irrespective of the size of the computer network available. Incigol employs cutting edge technology, optimum designs to design highly effective solutions around the intended functionality. These are easy to implement as user interfaces are tailored for end users and logic is based on the specific business rules of the customer.

The use of technology is based on the intended application and the customer choice. The web based application are typically developed on JAVA,PHP and .NET technologies. The data base is chosen on the basis of Quantity of data and it could be SQL, Oracle or mysql.

Incigol carries out the requirement study, designs the work flow processes, and develops the robust application, exceptionally competent and produce the end results at optimum cost and time.

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