Words aren’t always the best media to communicate a concept. Ajudiciously chosen mixture of words and graphics often communicates more effectively.

Technical writing, is a form of technical communication, and it is a style of writing used in diverse fields. In today’s complex global economy, good technical documentation is essential. Good technical documentation has tangible benefits. Clear reference materials can prevent customer errors or make business processes more reliable. The process of documenting a computer application can highlight problems and lead to their correction.

Technical writing can also be framed as a procedure to meet the needs of an entirely different audience: the users of the product, who know far less about the product than its designers. The understanding of technical documentation is reliant on how informational the documentation is, and of how the person receiving the information perceives it to be. The directions must be clear and suitable for all levels of comprehension. The concept must relate triggers to users in forming clarity for usability.

A Technical Writer is a professional writer who designs, creates, maintains, and updates technical documentation including online help, user guides, white papers, design specifications, and other documents. Engineers, scientists, and other professionals may also produce technical writing, often handling their work to a professional technical writer for editing and formatting.

A Technical Writer is one who communicates information about a technical subject, pointed at a specific audience for a specific purpose. The challenge for a good Technical Writer is to convey the information clearly, briefly and in a language that is understandable yet is suited to the requirements of the audience.

By developing a center of excellence, Incigol aims to propel the adoption of technical writing best practices among Indian organizations. This competency center in technical communications will also serve as a single source to multinational corporates for identifying quality resources and providing reliable and cost effective services.

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