Software Testing


incigol offers a complete and comprehensive suite of software testing services spanning consulting, enterprise services and functionality testing.

Most challenges faced by Test Management though effectively planned would have to deal with factors , skill-set of the resources, on-time delivery of test artifacts, , until the reporting could show signs of progress towards quality objectives over iterative cycles of executions, also having a control over the costs and efforts spent.

Tools built specifically built for the purpose of automating a test phase , integrated into the test process could achieve better results leveraging the benefits of being able to utilize the manual test professionals focused on to intuitive and exploratory ways of testing, automating various tasks in each phase of test automation process:

Test Management
Requirements Management
Configuration Management
Functional Test Automation
Version Control
Test Reporting
Defect Management
Functional Test Automation Solutions & Services Functional Test automation, as an accelerator, is more than a strategic solution in the current economic environment of plummeting cycle times and mounting budget pressures, offers numerous advantages and frustrating because organizations are not able to achieve the full potential and have to continuously show ROI.

The best practice based structured approach towards automation aids in the automation code to be used for Product Life cycles, that need numerous cycles of regression executions, that translate into significant savings up to 40% for the organizations with a control over ROI period. And to ensure

Maximized test coverage
Maximized reusability
Minimized manual interference
Maximized effectiveness in identifying bugs
Significantly low maintenance efforts
Up to 50% reduction in test development efforts
Scalable, Flexible , User-friendly & tool agnostic Test Automation Frameworks
Helping Test Managers with Dashboard reports across multiple test projects to speed up the decision process for critical issues
Incigol’ Test CEO has strong expertise in automating business critical applications over years, devised a structured five phased approach to automation to ensure that the tool investment is put to good use with a focus on re-usability, maintainability, scalability, flexibility & usability . Incigol ’ ready to use Test Automation Frameworks with re-usable components, libraries and modularity that ensures stability and scalability, built on various test automation tools, both commercial and open-source.

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